The Department of Telecommunication has issued an advisory on Friday. Actually, many users were receiving a call in the name of DOT in which they were being told that the SIM card would be blocked within 2 hours. To avoid this, many types of details were being asked from people. The Department of Telecommunication has issued an advisory regarding this matter and told people that this is a fake call. This means that no such call is being made by DOT. The Department of Telecommunications has appealed to immediately disconnect such calls as soon as they are received and not to share any personal details on the call.

Must report the number 

< p>Let us tell you,  Department of Telecommunication governs telecom services in India. Taking advantage of this, scammers are targeting people by making fake calls. If you also receive such a call claiming to be from a DOT official, then immediately disconnect the call and block the number. Along with this, also report the number so that when someone else gets this call, they will already know that this number is related to spam. Apps like Truecaller give you the option to report the number as well as describe the scam type.

If you want, you can also report the number to the National Crime Reporting Portal.

Jio and Oneweb get ISP license

DOT on Wednesday allotted ISP A (National Area) as well as VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) license to OneWeb . Officials said that Jio Satellite has got the ISP license last month. For those who do not know what VSAT is, actually, VSAT is a device which has an antenna whose diameter is usually about one meter. VSAT is capable of transmitting/receiving data, voice and video signals. It is used for banking/ATM machine connectivity in rural areas. VSAT is often used to provide backhaul connectivity for cellular mobile services.

Both companies will now soon provide satellite internet in India. Jio and OneWeb have already got GMPCS license.

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