Jay Robinson, a 23-year-old engineer from Britain, recovered his stolen car with the help of Google Earth and Snapchat. However, they have been able to recover only one car through technology. Actually, what happened was that one day when Robinson was leaving home to go to office in the morning, he noticed that two of his cars parked outside the house, a Seat and a Volkswagen Golf were missing from outside. They immediately reached the police from where they did not get any immediate help. He called the police for two consecutive days but did not get any update.  

When the engineer did not get any help from the police, he took the help of social media and shared his ordeal online. The engineer wrote that one day when he was about to go to work at 6 in the morning, he noticed that two cars parked outside his house were missing. He also posted two pictures and appealed to people for help. 

Friend helped 

As soon as Jay shared this post, a friend of Robinson named Jamie saw his post and told him that he had seen the Seat car for sale in a person’s Snapchat story. To help his friend, Jamie contacted the thief but the thief asked for an amount of 2000 pounds.  

Resorted to Google Earth

Robinson’s friend Jamie then used technology to do a reverse image search of the photo and video posted on Snapchat, which helped him identify the building where the stolen Seat car was parked. They found an important clue in the name of the housing estate on the wheelie bin in the picture. After this, he found the exact location using Google Earth and informed the police. In this way Robinson was successful in getting his seat car back. This car was parked in a deserted place in West Bromwich, just 6 miles from Robinson’s home in Birmingham. However his second tax Volkswagen Golf is still missing.

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