Using Open AI’s chatbot Chat GPT, two friends created a company worth Rs 1 crore. The surprising thing is that he invested only Rs 15,000 from his own pocket in the company. According to CNBC report, two friends named Sal Aiello and Monica Powers made a small investment of about $185 on their idea and turned it into a successful AI startup with the help of ChatGPT. Later he sold this company for $1,50,000 i.e. Rs 1 crore. This journey of 2 friends shows how technology and innovation together can change lives.

Meeted in a virtual startup  

Sal Aiello and Monica Powers first met at a virtual startup founder meetup organized by Y Combinator, a famous Silicon Valley startup accelerator. Both of them shared an idea among themselves and decided to work on it in their free time. The duo started their AI project with just 4 days and an initial investment of around $185.

Initially he used Chat GPT in his work for market research. As he learned how to use Chat GPT, his work increased. Sal Aiello had worked as a CTO at a tech startup, while Powers had experience at the design and branding company, Mascot. The two launched a company called DimeADozen that allowed users to input their ideas into a form that ChatGPT effectively interpreted. That is, GPT used to tell people a foolproof plan of different ideas. For this they used to charge 39 dollars. 

After some time, the idea of ​​selling the company came to both of their minds. He sold this company to Felipe Arosemena and Daniel de Cornell for $150,000. Sal Aiello and Monica Powers also decided that both of them would work full time on this project. Both will now work as advisors in the company.  

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