Telecom and broadband companies are at loggerheads over the allocation of 6Ghz spectrum band. Amidst all this, semiconductor and software company Qualcomm has said an important thing. The company says that instead of adopting WiFi 6E technology, the country should switch to the latest WiFi 7 technology as it can also run on other spectrum bands and does not require 6Ghz bands. WiFi 7 technology can provide better speed and faster data transfer than WiFi 6E. Qualcomm said that compared to WiFi 6E, the latency speed in the new technology is reduced by 60%.

6Ghz spectrum no need for band

Rahul Patel, senior vice president and general manager of connectivity, broadband and networking at Qualcomm, said that at this time, adopting Wi-Fi 6E in India would be a waste of time and resources because the 6Ghz spectrum has not been clearly allocated.

Let us tell you, 6Ghz includes spectrum in the range of 5.9 to 7.1 GHz and has the ability to carry high-speed data and is used to offer Wi-Fi services globally. Rahul Patel said that if the government wants, it can go directly to Wi-Fi 7 instead of 6Ghz. He said that this will be future planning in a way and until 6 GHz is available, WiFi 7 will perform better than every previous generation WiFi and people will benefit from it.

WiFi 7 has some unique features

Semiconductor and software company Qualcomm said it has also developed some unique hardware and software features in WiFi 7 that will make it independent of the 6 GHz band. The company said that this technology supports carriage aggregation like wireless technology, which means that it will not be stuck to a single frequency but will use a mix of different spectrum frequencies available to provide a solution so that the internet is not disrupted. .

WiFi 7 will be available in gadgets from 2024

Ganesh Swaminathan, vice president and general manager of Qualcomm, said that Wi-Fi 7 has the ability to identify a portion of the band that has some congestion and interference, while simultaneously continuing the service using the rest of the band. In old technology, if there is any congestion then internet services get disrupted but this is not the case with the new WiFi 7 technology. Qualcomm general manager Rahul Patel said that more than 350 products will be shipped with Wi-Fi 7 by the first half of 2024. He said that companies have already started ordering devices with WiFi 7 capabilities.

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