Dharmendra Hema Malini Love Story: Whenever famous love stories are discussed among celebs in the Bollywood industry, the names of Hema Malini and Dharmendra definitely come to mind. The love story of both is no less than a drama film. Hema Malini went against her family and made Dharmendra her husband. Her father VHS Ramanujam Chakraborty and mother Jaya Chakraborty were against the relationship and did not want their daughter Hema to marry the married Dharmendra. Once, Hema Malini’s father even reprimanded Dharmendra.

Hema Malini’s family was against her relationship with Dharmendra
When Dharmendra fell in love with Hema Malini, he was married at that time. She was married to Prakash Kaur. Hema Malini was also in love with Dharmendra, but the actress’s family was not happy with their relationship. Hema Malini wanted to marry Dharmendra, but the wall of parents was coming against their relationship. Mother Jaya had decided that she would marry Hema to a suitable boy. He was none other than actor Jeetendra.

Hema Malini was going to marry Jitendra
In the year 1974, Jaya convinced Hema to meet Jitendra once. After this, their marriage was fixed and both their families reached Madras for the wedding. When Dharmendra came to know about this, he could not stop himself and reached the wedding. They created a huge ruckus there. This entire incident is mentioned in Hema Malini’s biography ‘Beyond the Dream Girl’. According to which, Jitendra never wanted to marry Hema because he knew that the actress loved Dharmendra. Jitendra told one of his friends that he does not want to marry Hema because I do not love her and neither does she love me, but my family wants me to marry Hema. At that time Jitendra liked Shobha and wanted to marry her only.


Hema Malini’s father took Dharmendra’s class
When the news of Hema Malini and Jitendra’s marriage was published in the magazine, Dharmendra and Jitendra’s girlfriend Shobha reached Madras. As soon as Hema Malini’s father VHS Ramanujam Chakraborty saw Dharmendra at the wedding, he got angry and shouted at him, ‘Why do you leave my daughter’s life? You are married, you cannot marry my daughter. But Dharmendra did not agree and went straight to Hema Malini’s room. He pleaded with Hema Malini not to make the mistake of marrying Jitendra.

Hema left Jitendra and married Dharmendra
After some time, Hema Malini came out of her room and asked for time from Jitendra’s family to think about marriage. Jitendra’s family got angry on this and gave him an ultimatum and left the venue. However, the marriage of Dharmendra and Hema Malini did not take place on the same day. According to Hema Malini’s biography, Dharmendra had started drinking excessively and Hema Malini started getting upset after seeing his love for her. After this Dharmendra promised Hema Malini that he would improve. Then both of them got married on May 2, 1980.

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