Today smartphone has become our necessity. We use phones for different purposes. Almost everyone, from children to the elderly, uses smartphones. However, most people do not have correct information about all the features of the smartphone. There are many users who are aware of these features, but they hesitate to use them or they do not know which feature works for what purpose. These features include reboot and restart.

Many people use these features, but they neither know the difference between the two features nor do they know what these features do? If you also do not know what is the difference between reboot and restart, then do not worry, today we are going to tell you the difference between them.

Understand the meaning of reboot in simple language 

Boot changes the hardware of any device from a non-functioning state to an operational state. Boot is often used to start a device. Its job is to turn on the phone. Let us tell you that a phone can be rebooted for many reasons such as hanging or not responding to any app.

 Understand the meaning of restart in simple language

Restart means closing the device and opening it again. Apart from this, after making changes in the settings of the device, it is restarted. You may have noticed that when you upgrade firmware or software on your smartphone, you are often asked to restart the phone.

The phone can be rebooted faster than restarting. The main reason for this is that turning off the phone and restarting it requires more time, whereas rebooting skips a lot of steps and works faster.

Basic difference between reboot and restart

When the phone turns off, the system and hardware also turn off completely. In such a situation, when you restart the phone, all the hardware and software of the phone is tested again and it also reloads the data. Furthermore, the CPU working at full speed will consume more power. However, rebooting only initializes the phone’s software. It automatically skips some steps and enters directly into the operating system interface, hence saving power. 

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