Google tensor chipset: Google will make Pixel smartphones in India from next year. For the first time, Made in India Pixel smartphones will be sold in the Indian markets as well as abroad. The company announced this in Google Made for India yesterday. Meanwhile, news is coming out that the company will also make its tensor chip in India in the coming years. In fact, Union Minister Ashwini Vaishnav has asked the company to start production of its Tensor chipset in India within three years. The IT Minister has also suggested Google to bring premium Pixel Fold device in India as soon as possible. Currently this phone is not available in India.

Google has launched Pixel 8 and 8 Pro smartphones in India some time ago. In these the company has given Tensor G3 chip. This chipset includes the latest generation ARM central processing unit, an advanced graphics processing unit (GPU) and next-gen TPU that supports the company’s AI models. Today we are going to tell you what is Google’s Tensor Chipset and how is it different from others?

What is tensor chipset? Why was there a need?

Google Tensor is a series of ARM64 based system on chip processors which Google makes for its Pixel smartphones. The company started work on Tensor chipset in 2016 and introduced it for the first time in Pixel 6 and 6 Pro smartphones in 2021. Earlier the company used Qualcomm’s chips in its smartphones. The company made its own chipset because Google wants to change the experience of people by introducing AI in smartphones. Google’s Tensor chipsets support its AI model and due to this, we easily get many AI related features in Pixel smartphones. This is not the case with chipsets of other companies. Also, when the company used Qualcomm’s chipsets in its smartphones, Google was able to provide software updates only for a limited number of years because the chipset manufacturing company used to provide driver updates only for a fixed period of time. For this reason, Google started working on its own chipset and today the company provides software and security patch updates for 7 years in its latest generation smartphones. All this has been possible with the company’s chipset.

Apart from this, the advantage of the company’s own chipset is that the smartphone remains maximum optimized and you can easily reduce it.

How is it different from other chipsets?

Google’s Tensor chipset is different from the chipsets of other companies because you get AI supported features in it. Like, you get to see many AI based features in the recently launched Pixel 8 smartphone. These features improve your experience on mobile phones which is not available with other chipsets. AI features are available in mobile phones with the help of the company’s latest generation ARM central processing unit and CPU. CPU and application specific chips help in easily implementing AI technology in smartphones and thus transform your mobile experience.

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