You will soon get a new feature in WhatsApp which will change your user experience. The company is going to give you a new option for AI chats in the chat section. According to Wabetainfo, a website that keeps an eye on the development of WhatsApp, the company is going to give you a new chat icon above the Plus tab. From here you will be able to access all open AI powered AI chats. Currently this update is available with some Android beta testers. In the coming time, the company can roll it out for everyone.

If I explain it to you in simple language, under the new chat icon you will be able to access those chats which will be AI generated. For example, if a company’s AI chatbot gives you some information, then this chat will appear in a new tab instead of the normal chat list.

If you also want to be the first to get all the new features of WhatsApp, then you can enroll for the company’s beta program. Beta users can access all the new features of WhatsApp before others.

Now you can see status updates even while chatting 

WhatsApp is also providing green tray inside chats to see status updates. This means that now while talking to someone, you will be able to see the status update from the green tray appearing on his/her profile. At present the green tray is visible only in the chats list. That means it is not visible inside any conversation. But soon Meta is going to provide green tray in chats conversations also. 

Work is going on on marketing message feature 

Whatsapp’s parent company Meta To make WhatsApp user friendly, it keeps adding new features to it. According to the report of WaBetaInfo, now a feature is coming on WhatsApp, which will support people’s business accounts and will help their business grow by leaps and bounds. According to the report, this feature of WhatsApp has been named Marketing Message, which has been seen on the beta version for Android users. Let us tell you that with the help of WhatsApp’s marketing message feature, messages can be scheduled and sent in a better way. According to WaBetaInfo, this feature will help businesses in preparing their outreach strategy. Companies can analyze the performance of their messages and increase interactions to enhance their conversations with customers.

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