You must have often noticed that the phone screen starts blacking out. At the same time, sometimes the phone screen suddenly turns black while walking and after some time it gets cured on its own. This is called black out. This problem is common in Android phones, but as soon as the screen blackouts, people get nervous and reach the service center with the phone. However, with a little effort, you can fix it yourself.

If you are facing this problem in your phone also, then now you can fix it easily. However, first of all it is important for you to know why the screen blacks out? Let us tell you that there can be many reasons for smartphone screen blackout and it can also be fixed with some easy methods.

Outdated App

Apps are the biggest reason for screen blacking out. Some outdated or old apps are not compatible with the latest OS of the phone, or they have many flaws. For this reason they harass you again and again.

Micro SD can cause problems

Many times the microSD installed in your phone also becomes the cause of the problem. When you transfer music, photos, videos etc. to the card from another phone or PC, a virus gets introduced from it and this virus starts spoiling your phone.  

Blackout due to virus

Sometimes a virus can enter the phone at any time while surfing the internet or transferring data. Which can cause problems in your phone. If the phone screen is blacking out then you may have a virus on the phone.

There may be a problem with the battery

Nowadays most of the phones come with unibody, due to which there is a problem of screen blackout and you do not even know about it. So if your phone is not facing any problem due to apps, then it is possible that your phone is blacking out due to battery.

How to fix black out?

If your phone is blacking out again and again, then first uninstall those apps which have been installed recently. If this fixes the phone, then it is good otherwise start your phone once in safe mode.

Apart from this, you can also fix the phone blackout by removing its battery if the battery is not removed. So check the body of the phone thoroughly to see if the battery is getting drained. If so, then change the battery of the phone.

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