Netflix has been facing tough competition from other platforms for some time. The company is changing its business strategies from time to time to maintain and expand the user base. Some time ago the company had abolished the password sharing system so that the number of paid subscribers could increase and the company could benefit in revenue. However, even this step did not benefit Netflix that much. Now the company is making a new plan to attract users towards itself. Netflix will be the first OTT company to come with such a plan.

According to Bloomberg report, Netflix is ​​planning to open physical stores where fans of the company’s shows and movies can come together and purchase games, themed food and accessories and clothing based on their favorite shows. This means that Netflix fans can do all the three things – shopping, eating and playing at one place. With this plan the company wants to attract users.

These places will be known as Netflix House 

The report says that these places will be known as Netflix House and fans will be able to watch hot topics here in real time. Josh Simon, vice president of Netflix Consumer Products, said: “We’ve seen that fans love immersing themselves in the world of our movies and TV shows, and so we’re thinking a lot about how to take it to the next level. He said that Netflix House will be established across the United States and here people will enjoy retail, food and live experiences.

Josh Simon said that the company’s first 2 stores could open by 2025. After this the company will plan to expand them to other markets. 

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