Apple, a company known worldwide for its premium iPhone, is working on a device whose working will surprise you. Actually, the company is working on a Pad-like device which will update the unsold iPhones present in the store to the latest software. It will also charge them if needed. At present, what happens is that when you buy an iPhone from the market, first of all you have to update it to the latest software after opening it, only after which you can proceed to further settings. But soon Apple is going to make this step easier for you.

According to a report by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple is working on a Pad-like device that will allow Apple employees to update to the latest iOS without opening unsold models in stores. That means the box will remain closed but the iPhone software inside will change. The report also says that Apple is going to make this device available in stores around the world before the end of 2030. However, no information is officially available on this subject yet.

What will be the benefit?

With this step of the company, the setup process while purchasing the device will become easier than before. Many times Apple launches the device with the latest software, but after a few days of launch, it starts facing problems due to bugs, after which the company again releases a security patch. In such a situation, when you buy an iPhone, you have to download this security patch after which you can setup the phone. Apple is now going to make this process easier for you and with the help of the new device, the company will update it for you at the store itself.

Let us tell you, recently the company has given iOS 17 in iPhone 15. After a few days, the company again released iOS 17.0.1 update. After this, another update iOS 17.02 was given to the people. In such a situation, the company will provide all these updates to the customers who will buy the phone in the future with the help of the new device and you will not have to do all this during the setup. 

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