You all must be using Google Photos app. The company has added 2 new features in this app. Actually, tech joint Google has introduced two new AI-powered features that help in reducing clutter and categorizing screenshots and documents into albums. The company has released a feature called Photo Stacks which helps in keeping any similar looking photos in one stack. With this, you get all the similar photos taken at the same time at one place and you do not have to face any trouble.

AI powered Photo Stack also organizes your photos in one place that it thinks are good. However, you can also turn off and modify this feature.

AI will categorize your documents and screenshots    

The second update that the company has given to the users in the app is that now AI will keep your screenshots and documents according to the category. Like bills etc. will be in one place, your Aadhar card, driving license etc. will be in one folder. Similarly, AI will automatically create a separate folder of notes.

Reminders will be added to the calendar   

Google Photos will also add important information present in your gallery to the calendar. For example, if you have taken a screenshot of a flight ticket, then you will be able to add its information to the calendar and set a reminder so that you do not miss your flight and you get timely updates. Similarly, you can also set other things including bill reminder.

The company has made people’s work easier by bringing AI into the app and has laid emphasis on improving the user experience.

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