We all saw the fame that Open AI achieved in a short time by launching Chat GPT. After the launch of this chatbot, many companies integrated this tool in their products. However, Sam Altman, the person who launched Chat GPT, was fired from his job by the board members of Open AI a few days ago and he was ousted from the post of CEO. After Sam Altman’s departure, former Open AI President Greg Brockman also said goodbye to the company. Open AI has been in the headlines since Sam’s exit and many other employees are also talking about leaving the company.

Meanwhile, a latest update has come out. In fact, according to Bloomberg’s report, talks are going on between Sam Altman and the board members of Open AI regarding his return. The report said that discussions are going on between Altman and a board member, Adam D’Angelo, In which it is said that the former CEO can return to the board as a director.  

Microsoft CEO said this 

After leaving Open AI, Microsoft has given Sam Altman the responsibility of leading Microsoft’s advanced AI research. Meanwhile, company President and CEO Satya Nadella said that it is still possible that Altman may return to OpenAI. In fact, in an interview with CNBC, Nadella said that if Altman and former OpenAI president Greg Brockman do not return to Open AI, Microsoft wants them to have a luxurious house. That means they should work with a good company.  

When asked in the interview whether Altman would return to OpenAI, Nadella said that both paths were open to him. This means that if Sam wants, he can remain with Microsoft or even return to Open AI.

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