What is Cloud Laptop or Computer? After becoming the number 1 company in the telecom sector, Reliance Jio is now looking towards the PC market. Jio is planning to launch a cloud laptop whose price can be around Rs 15,000. However, the company has not yet officially announced the price of the cloud laptop. But looking at the background of the company, it is being said that its price will be user friendly. According to ET report, Reliance Jio is working on cloud laptop with other computer manufacturers including HP, Acer, Lenovo.

According to the report of Economic Times, people associated with this subject said that trial is currently going on for ‘Cloud Laptop’ on HP Chromebook. Reliance Jio will provide cloud laptops to people at cheap rates on the basis of monthly subscription.

Today in this article we will tell you how cloud computers or laptops work and how they are going to harm the laptop and computer market.

How do cloud computers or laptops work?

People who are associated with the gaming sector or do gaming will be familiar with the term cloud. What happens in cloud gaming is that neither do you have to download the app of that game on your smartphone, nor do you have to update the app from time to time. Without all this, you can play the game through cloud service and for this you just have to pay some fees. The gaming company is responsible for the server, storage etc. of the game and you can play games with high graphics even with a normal smartphone.

Cloud computers or laptops also work in the same way. What happens is that in this you have to buy a simple computer or laptop and you can access all the services related to these gadgets like web browser, gaming, files, software etc. through cloud service. That means you do not have to install anything in your laptop. You will be able to use everything thanks to cloud service.

In an ordinary laptop, you have to keep the software installed, after which you can do the work related to it. But what happens with a cloud laptop is that you access the software through the cloud and you can also save your work on it and then it can be accessed from anywhere. In cloud computer or laptop, you do not need to buy expensive laptop like at present and you can do many things in a cheap laptop.

Everything in a cloud laptop or computer is internet based and you can access software services, files etc. through high speed internet.

Laptop and computer market will suffer loss

The arrival of cloud laptops or computers will cause damage to the laptop and computer market. At present, according to the needs of the people, the company has made different types of models and has given different hardware specs in each model. But with the advent of cloud computers or laptops, all this will not be needed and even a basic laptop will work like today’s high end laptop. That means a cloud laptop will easily fulfill the needs of a laptop with memory, RAM, graphics card. This will cause loss to big companies and less high end computer or laptop models will be sold.

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