The use of wireless earbuds and headphones is increasing day by day. People are using these gadgets everywhere including meetings, metro, buses. In view of the increasing use of hearable gadgets, Google has developed a technology with the help of which you will be able to know your heart rate through Earbuds and Headphones. That means, along with listening to songs, you will also be able to know your health status. According to IANS report, Google scientists have successfully tested Audioplethysmography (APG). In this, a person’s heart rate is measured through hearables with the help of ultrasound. The good thing is that it does not require any additional sensor, which does not affect the battery of the hearables.

Google scientists conducted this study on 153 people and shared this experience after about 2 rounds. According to the study, the APG consistently achieves accurate heart rate (3.21 percent average error across participants across all activity scenarios) and heart rate variability (2.70 percent average error in inter-beat interval) measurements. That means there is not much error in it.

According to Google’s blogpost, the company said that we have introduced a latest active in-ear health sensing method. APG enables ANC hearables to monitor users’ physiological signals, such as heart rate and heart rate variability, without adding additional sensors or compromising battery life. Meets safety regulations with an 80DB margin below the audioplethysmography threshold and is unaffected by seal position  and includes all skin tones.

Earbuds and headphones will start telling heart rate with a software update 

According to the blogpost, APG transforms any True Wireless Stereo (TWS) active noise canceling headphones into smart sensing headphones with a simple software upgrade and works robustly across a variety of user activities. The sensing carrier signal is completely inaudible and is not affected by music playing. 

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