There is still more than a week left for Diwali but the air of the capital Delhi has already become poisonous. Delhi’s air quality index has crossed 700 at many places and a blanket of smog is visible from morning till evening. Due to increasing pollution, people are having trouble breathing. People of Delhi-NCR are posting photos of smog on social media and expressing their opinion and asking people to use air purifiers and masks. Air purifiers work to filter the pollutants present in the air and provide you clean air. Two types of air purifiers are seen in the market, smart and normal.

Which one should you get?

See, both smart or normal air purifiers work the same, the only difference is that you can operate the smart air purifier from your mobile also and it gives you a hands-free experience. Also, you get real time air quality index and other features in smart air purifier. The cost of these air purifiers is higher than that of normal air purifiers. On the other hand, a normal air purifier has normal buttons and an air filter which works to clean the air. Generally the quality of the filters is the same in both the air purifiers. However, depending on the price, it can be different and in layers. 

Our advice is that you can buy any air purifier considering your budget and needs. While buying an air purifier, pay maximum attention to its filter quality. Good quality air purifiers can remove indoor pollution to a great extent and also keep you safe from serious diseases.

How effective are air purifiers?

Dr. Sonia Rawat, Director of Preventive Health Department of Sir Gangaram Hospital, Delhi, told News18 in an interview that it is difficult to tell in reality how effective air purifiers are. He said that the quality and technology of the air purifier depends on how much it will clean the air around you. Dr. Sonia Rawat said that air purifiers can reduce pollution by up to 50% in small spaces. Overall, how good an air purifier is depends on its filter quality. There are many such air purifiers available in the market which come with multi-layer filters which remove dirt from the air in a better way. 

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