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Cultivating Monk-Like Personality: Mastering 13 Aspects for a Peaceful Personality

Ever wondered how monks exude an aura of inner calm and unshakable serenity? While most of us may not opt for a monastic lifestyle, there are valuable lessons to be learned from their practices. In this blog, we will delve into 13 aspects that can help you cultivate a monk-like personality, enabling you to find lasting serenity in the midst of life’s hustle and bustle.

1. Control Over Your Thoughts to develop monk-like personality:

Monks are renowned for their mastery of mindfulness and meditation, which grants them control over their thoughts. Embracing mindfulness allows you to observe your thoughts without passing judgment. By steering your thought patterns, you can reduce anxiety and achieve a sense of inner peace that mirrors that of a monk in deep meditation.

2. Control Over Your Reactions:

Monks react to life’s trials with equanimity. To achieve this, gain control over your reactions by practicing the art of pause. In moments of adversity or challenge, take a moment to breathe and reflect before responding. This practice empowers you to sidestep impulsive reactions and respond to situations with measured wisdom.

3. Control Over Your Speech:

Monks are celebrated for their mindful speech. You can also gain control over your words by selecting them thoughtfully and speaking with kindness. Avoid indulging in gossip, criticism, and negative speech. By making this choice, you can nurture a serene personality that reflects the poise and compassion of a monk.

4. Control Over Your Time:

Monks are devout practitioners of structured routines, using their time mindfully. You too can gain control over your time by creating a well-balanced schedule. Ensure that it includes time for work, relaxation, and personal growth. A structured timetable helps you avoid the chaos of an unmanaged life and curtails the stress that often accompanies it.

5. Control Over Your Environment:

Monks prefer to reside in simple, uncluttered spaces. You can also gain control over your environment by decluttering and organizing your surroundings. An uncluttered, pristine living space can have a profound impact on your state of mind. When your surroundings are in harmony, it becomes easier to maintain your own inner calm and serenity.

6. Control Over Your Reactions to External Events:

Monks consistently uphold their inner peace, even when faced with external challenges. You too can exert control over your reactions to life’s unpredictable events. Practice resilience in the face of adversity, allowing yourself to bounce back from setbacks with grace and composure.

7. Control Over Your Diet:

Monks adhere to a simple and wholesome diet. Similarly, you can take charge of your diet by making mindful choices. Opt for nourishing foods that promote physical and mental well-being. A well-fed body contributes to a serene mind, creating an equilibrium reminiscent of a monk’s inner balance.

8. Control Over Your Attachments:

Monks embrace a lifestyle of detachment from material possessions. To follow suit, focus on controlling your attachments. Reducing your dependence on material possessions can bring you a sense of freedom from the burdens of consumerism. When your attachment to material things lessens, you’ll find that your mind feels lighter, akin to the simplicity and purity of a monk’s existence.

9. Control Over Your Ego:

Monks are known for their selflessness and humility. Gain control over your ego by practicing humility and recognizing that you are a part of a larger whole. Let go of the need to consistently prove yourself or seek validation. By choosing humility, you can cultivate a serene personality reminiscent of the humility embraced by monks in their daily lives.

10. Control Over Your Emotions:

Monks are experts at harnessing emotional control through meditation and self-awareness. You too can take control of your emotions by developing emotional intelligence. By understanding your feelings, accepting them, and responding to them in a balanced manner, you can mirror the emotional mastery seen in the daily lives of monks.

11. Control Over Your Grudges:

Monks excel at forgiveness and letting go of grudges. Gain control over your grudges by realizing that holding onto past grievances only burdens your mind and spirit. Forgiveness is a powerful tool for releasing emotional weight and finding serenity in your life.

12. Control Over Your Expectations:

Monks often live by the philosophy of embracing life as it comes, without preconceived expectations. You too can gain control over your expectations by adopting a more flexible and open attitude toward life. By releasing the need for strict expectations, you’ll find it easier to navigate life’s twists and turns with grace and inner calm.

13. Control Over Your Sleep Patterns:

Monks are disciplined in their sleep routines. Gain control over your sleep patterns by establishing a consistent bedtime and wake-up schedule. A good night’s sleep is fundamental to maintaining a serene and focused mind throughout the day.


Cultivating a monk-like personality is not about renouncing the world or isolating yourself in solitude. Instead, it’s about making mindful choices and gaining control over various aspects of your life. By practicing mindfulness, controlling your reactions, speech, time, environment, and letting go of attachments, ego, grudges, and expectations, you can journey closer to a monk-like personality.

Remember that this journey is about progress, not perfection. Small steps in each of these aspects can bring you closer to a more peaceful and serene self. Embrace these practices, and you’ll find that a monk-like personality is not an unattainable ideal; it’s a way of living that can lead to a happier and more fulfilling life.

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