Microsoft has launched new features related to local language in Outlook Lite. Outlook Lite is an email and SMS app specially designed for Indian users, giving them the option to manage emails and SMS in one place. 

With Outlook Lite, one All the important features of Microsoft Outlook are provided in a small app. This ensures fast performance on small devices on any network. Apart from being a small app, Outlook Lite has been designed keeping in mind the needs of emerging market users. Moving forward in this direction, two new features have been added to Outlook Lite. Now in Outlook Lite, users have also been given support for local Indian languages ​​and SMS, which will enable Indian users to communicate more effectively.

Voice typing, transliteration and sending emails in local languages ​​in Outlook Lite. Many features like reading have been provided in it, which make it more inclusive and effective as per the needs of Indian users. With the help of these features, it will be possible for users to write and read emails in their favorite language. 

Outlook Lite will support 5 languages

Users As per your choice, whether you want to write an email by speaking in Hindi, type an email in Tamil, convert it into English automatically or read the email in Gujarati, you will get all these options easily in Outlook Lite. Currently, five Indian languages ​​Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi and Gujarati are supported. Soon more languages ​​will be added to it. Considering the linguistic diversity of India, more and more languages ​​and dialects will be added to it. Through Outlook Lite, they will also get reminders like important appointments, travel booking, bill payment and gas booking. Amidst the hustle and bustle of work, people often forget these small but important things.

 Soon, language translation support for SMS will also be available in Outlook Lite. With this, users will be able to read messages in their favorite language. They will get the option to switch language with a single tap. This will be especially beneficial for such users who receive messages in different languages ​​or who have to talk to people from different regions.  

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