Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella shared his experience of becoming CEO during an interview at Axel Springer’s Berlin headquarters. He told how a question had put him into deep thought for a short time. Satya Nadella paved the way for his CEO journey under company founder Bill Gates and former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and led many projects in the company. In the interview, Satya Nadella told that Steve Ballmer leaving the post of CEO was like a shock for him because he had no idea that one day Steve would leave the company.

4 people were involved in the CEO race 

After Steve Ballmer’s departure, Satya Nadella told that one day one of the board members asked him the question, ‘Do you want to become the CEO?’ ,"Do you want to be the CEO?). Hearing this question, Nadella went into shock for some time. In the interview, he said that this question was going to change his life and he had never thought in the past that he would become the CEO of the company. Answering the question of the board member, Satya Nadella said that I will become the CEO only when you want, that is, only when the board decides, then he will take charge of the company. After mutual discussion, the board members decided to make him the new CEO of the company.  

Steve Ballmer gave this advice 

After leaving the post of CEO, Steve Ballmer advised Satya Nadella that whatever responsibility is being given to you, you should fulfill it as you are. He also said that one should not think ahead now and adjust to whatever comes next. After listening to these things, Nadella started his CEO journey in 2014 which is going great till now.

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