Jio AirFiber Launched:

Reliance has launched Jio AirFiber device which will provide you internet speed up to 1Gbps. You can book this device online with the help of the helpline number of Jio website. Currently, Jio AirFiber has been launched in 8 cities of India which include Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai and Pune. Like Jio, Airtel also provides AirFiber internet.

People have many questions in their minds regarding this new service of Jio, like how is this service different from fiber line? Should it be taken or not? Can the device be taken anywhere or not etc. We are going to answer all the questions in this article.

What is the difference between Jio Fiber and Jio AirFiber?

To explain it to you in very simple words, the difference between the two is technology. Actually, in Jio Fiber you get internet through wires whereas AirFiber is wireless. That means in this you get internet without wires.

Can I take JioFiber anywhere?

You cannot take the Jio Fiber device anywhere and use it. It will work only in your home or office, where you have installed it. This is because with this device a device will be installed on the roof of your house with the help of which you will get fast internet connectivity. As soon as air fiber is removed from the range of this device, the internet speed will reduce and your net will not work. However, inside the house, you can definitely move the AirFiber device around the rooms.

If Jio Fiber is already installed, should Jio AirFiber be installed?

Our advice is that you should stick with Jio Fiber as it is tried and tested whereas AirFiber has recently arrived. Also, the plans of Jio Fiber are also cheaper. You can definitely keep the new device as a backup. The decision completely depends on you.

Is there installation cost or not? What if you already have Jio Fiber?

The installation cost of Jio Fiber is Rs 1,000. However, if you take a year long plan then you do not have to pay any installation cost. If you already have Jio Fiber installed and you are upgrading to Jio AirFiber, you will still have to pay the installation cost. That means there is no relation between old and new.

Whose plan is cheaper?

Jio Fiber plan is cheaper than AirFiber. If you give priority to budget then the old service is best for you. However, with the new device you also get subscription of TV channels and OTT which is good as per the times.


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