Jio Emergency Response communication system: Jio has showcased its Emergency Response Communication System at the Indian Mobile Congress going on in Pragati Maidan, Delhi. With the help of this device, people’s lives can be saved through better communication in natural disasters. In a way, this device of Jio will act as back support for NDRF and other soldiers during natural disasters and with its help the rescue operation will be completed on time. Often you all must have read these news on TV and through us that during natural disasters, rescue operations get delayed due to lack of proper communication. In such times, every second wasted is killing people or pushing them into trouble.

To deal with all this problem, Jio has prepared an emergency response communication system which is directly connected to the satellite and does not allow the mutual connection to be broken under any circumstances. This ‘Emergency Response Communication System’ running on Jio’s True 5G will strengthen communication at many levels. In such a situation when the local communication system comes to a standstill, this system will have a satellite-connected ‘communication tower on wheels’, which can be deployed anytime, anywhere and in any situation. This means there will be no interruption in communication and the tower can be setup anywhere.

Teams will remain connected at Ground Zero through the app

To provide a command center for support teams, Reliance Jio has designed a powerful app called ‘XR Companion’. Through this app, teams will remain connected to each other in real time. Through the app in the command center, real-time monitoring of work distribution, two-way audio video calling, emergency ambulance calling, team movement and work progress report can be done. At present, about 20 teams can be connected simultaneously in this app, which can also be increased if needed.

Information about affected areas will be available through drones

Under the Emergency Response Communication System, NDRF or relief officers sitting far away will be able to take stock of the damage caused in inaccessible places through 5G connected drones. Apart from this, aid workers will use voice activated 5G connected devices to communicate with each other. These 5G devices that are mounted on helmets have facilities like camera, flash light and laser beam so that help can be provided as soon as possible.

Communication will happen without interruption through network slicing.

During a disaster, Jio will create a dedicated and highly secure communication lane through network slicing on the Digital Communication Highway so that critical disaster-related communication needs can be met without any interruption. Jio has created this emergency response communication system in partnership with SES. No matter how terrible the disaster is, this emergency system of Jio can prove to be very helpful in saving people’s lives.

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