Instant messaging app WhatsApp has made the channel feature live in India some time ago, like Telegram. With its help, creators and celebs can connect with each other without sharing numbers. In this, the personal information of both remains completely secure. The company has given the new channel feature under the Updates tab and you can join any channel or search for a new channel from here. Meanwhile, the company is going to give some updates in the channel.

According to a report by Wabetainfo, a website that keeps an eye on the development of WhatsApp, the company is going to provide two new features to channel admins with the help of which they can increase user engagement and followers on the channel. Actually, currently under the channel feature, administrators are able to share only text messages, photos, videos and GIFs. Now the company is going to provide two more features in it and soon channel admins will also be able to send voice notes and stickers. Currently this update has been seen in version of Android Beta. In the coming time, the company can make this update live for everyone.

If you also want to be the first to get all the new features of WhatsApp, then you can enroll for the company’s beta program. The company offers beta programs on iOS, Android, desktop and web. Under the WhatsApp channel, users or followers associated with it can only react to messages through emoji.

This feature was launched last week

WhatsApp has rolled out a feature called Multiple Accounts last week. With its help, users can open two accounts on one app. That means, just as you can switch two accounts on Instagram, now you will be able to do the same on WhatsApp also. Now you do not need to keep two mobile phones or two apps in your smartphone.

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