Gopal Vittal, Managing Director of Bharti Airtel, the country’s second largest telecom company, said that the company can increase the prices of 4G plans at any time. He said that Airtel is not in a race to roll out 5G quickly and the company will not charge any extra for 5G at present. Like Airtel, Jio has also said recently that it will not increase the prices of 5G plans. This means customers will continue to get high speed 5G internet at the current rate.

According to the report of ET Telecom, Airtel Managing Director Gopal Vittal said that the company has increased the prices of entry level plans marginally in the past also without caring about competition. Now soon it can be implemented for other plans also. At present, information is not available as to how much the company will increase the prices of the plans, but it is certain that Airtel will be the first to increase the prices of 4G plans in the country.

Like Jio, Airtel will also switch to standalone 5G network 

Reliance Jio has launched its 5G network on stand alone technology. That means the company has not taken the help of 4G network for this. Whereas Airtel has launched the 5G network on non-stand alone technology and for this the company has connected the EPC (Evolved Packet Core) of 4G LTE to the New Radio (NR) of the 5G tower. That means the help of 4G tower has been taken. According to ET report, Airtel Managing Director Gopal Vittal said that the company will switch to standalone architecture considering the need and benefits. He also said that Airtel will remain one step ahead of the market and customer needs, but will not spend unnecessary capital to claim the largest rollout as other operators are doing.

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