How to Know If Your Phone is Hacked: Do you know how a mobile phone gives signals when it is hacked? We are sure that very few people among you would know about this. Today in this article we will tell you how it gives indications when a smartphone is hacked. If your mobile phone is also performing like this, then we will tell you what you should do and how you can protect your smartphone from being hacked. Hacking a smartphone is not a big deal nowadays and hackers can get access to your mobile sitting in any corner of the world.

Phone gives such signals when hacked

If your smartphone is hacked then you will see all these signs –

  • If your phone’s battery is draining rapidly on its own, it could be due to malware or spyware present in the phone. Usually hackers keep them active in the background from where all your data is reaching the hackers. If the battery is draining frequently then there may be some malware or spyware in your smartphone.
  • If the performance of the smartphone has suddenly dropped i.e. it has become low then understand that the smartphone has been hacked.
  • If your data is getting exhausted rapidly even when you are not using the internet, then this is also a sign of hacking. This is how hackers take data to their servers
  • If you repeatedly see a pop-up ad on your phone or an app that you did not download, then understand that your smartphone has been hacked. Hackers install apps on your phone through links and websites and then steal all your data.
  • Heating of the smartphone is also a sign of hacking. If the phone is getting heated even without being used then it could be due to hacking apps running in the background. Apart from this, if the security features of your phone have automatically turned off, then this is also a sign of hacking. After gaining access to the device, hackers first disable such features so that they can work easily.
  • If you are getting messages related to account login or someone is trying to login, then this is also a sign of hacking.

What to do if your phone is hacked?

First of all turn off the mobile data connection. After this, switch off the mobile for some time. Then change all your passwords and scan the phone. If possible, factory reset the phone once after changing the password.

How to protect smartphone from being hacked?

  1. In this digital age, keep the passwords of your digital accounts strong. That is, make the password such that no one can hack it even if they want to. A strong password is- 5632@digitalapha2023
  2. Don’t use public wifi
  3. Always download apps from trusted places. Do not login with your personal details and account on any website.
  4. Keep your smartphone up-to-date and regularly check security updates. If your phone has stopped getting updates, then buy a new smartphone because in this digital age, anyone can try to hack your data at any time.
  5. With security updates, your smartphone protects you from all these types of threats.
  6. Keep yourself up-to-date about cyber security and keep reading about the latest scams and their methods through us.

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