How to Avoid Procrastination and Get Your Work Done

Correction: we ALL procrastinate. I procrastinated writing this report.

We have all been there at some stage. Here are five ideas on the best way best to prevent procrastination which begin generating at your summit and could help you break from migraines.

  1. Reduce the Number of Decisions You Need to Make Throughout the Day

Has a power outcome. If you awake in the morning, and you have to ask yourself, “What do I want to do now?” — well, now you are going to procrastinate.

Then you will waste a huge part of your energy thinking about things to do and things to not with no given thought to everything you would like it to look like beforehand Should you approach.

Can I hit the gym now, or move tomorrow?

Can I say Yes lunch with Barry Boombatz out of Accounting, or if I do a fast lunch solo so that I can return to the workplace and end up this demonstration?

Can I wear this or use this?

Eat or consume that?

Response now or afterwards?

We are asking ourselves questions such as this all day.

Problem is, queries induce us to react with responses, which induce us to make conclusions… This drains one of your self-control and leaves you tired–that contributes to you procrastinating on anything matters most in your lifetime.

Hint #1 to preventing procrastination is to decrease the amount of choices you want to make throughout a specified day by creating those decisions beforehand and/or creating customs around particular regions of your daily life to improve your effectiveness and keep you from draining your energy from considering whether to do them not.

Some examples:

  • Decide in advance exactly which days of the week you’ll exercise, instead of deciding the day-of;
  • Pick out your clothes the night before rather than the morning-of;
  • Choose the most important thing that needs to get done tomorrow, and schedule time to do it;

These are only a couple of examples that are straightforward, but it is usually the things that matter.

What are a few examples you can consider decreasing the amount of choices you make on your life? Doing so will free up the energy you’re going to have to have so as to remain focused on performing the stuff that is large and significant, instead of procrastinating on it by doing the stuff.

  1. End Before It Begins

Where suggestion leaves off, this suggestion picks up. Towards avoiding procrastination, the best choice that can be made would be to organize beforehand.

As opposed to frantically figuring out exactly what you will do on any particular day, a much better way is to take a couple of minutes at the conclusion of every day the day, to map out.

Before bed, every night, By Way of Example, I write-down/review my strategies

  • My One BIG Thing (OBT)[1] that needs to get done that day. This could be a big task, a goal, or a project I need to make progress on.
  • My No Matter Whats (NMWs) — these are my non-negotiable daily habits: exercise, my nature walk/daily meditation, reading (30 minutes minimum),

My One massive Item (OBT)[1] that has to get done daily. This might be a target, a undertaking, or a job I want to create on progress.

The next day, whatever has to be performed. In this manner, jobs and my objectives are given considerable time also to not be clubbed — and also to be defeated.

  1. The Nothing Substitute

“The Nothing Option” is a suggestion for avoiding procrastination which has been coined by an influential crime-fiction novelist called Raymond Chandler. He used it to prevent procrastinating on his writing.

Here is your guide for regaining motivation and becoming unstuck!

Chandler had trouble sitting down at the computer keyboard and cranking a out daily like some authors that are successful. He developed another Way of beating procrastination and getting to perform the job — he provide an ultimatum to himself and would put aside 4 hours:

“Compose, or do nothing in any way.”

And Chandler advises individuals of all professions — and writers to perform exactly the same:

“He [the author ] does not need to compose, and when he does not feel like it, then he should not try. He can look from this window or put on his own mind or writhe on the ground, but he’s not to perform some positive thing, not read, compose letters, glance at a magazine, or even write tests… Compose or nothing”

This was Chandler’s doctrine, and it worked.

The principles are:

  1. A) You do not need to write or operate on anything you want to work on.
  2. B) However, you cannot do anything else.

Sooner or later, with both of these options in your mind, you’re likely to begin working if nothing else but to help keep yourself!

And although your work defined as Chandler’s and May Not be Straightforward, you can benefit from the strain that comes from putting the time aside to:

Do nothing or concentrate in your most important matter.

To test out this for yourself, determine your goal for tomorrow and put aside 90 minutes of time to concentrate on that objective.

No email. No more phone. No Facebook. No non-sense. In case you want to shut-down your wife. This is time to flip this up to concentrate and high equipment.

  1. The following Action Habit–Concentrate on One thing Do-Able

In his publication, Getting Things Done, David Allen discusses the ability of intelligently “dumbing down your mind” by figuring out your really NEXT ACTION to any specific thing you are working on. It is among the most effective ideas from the book — only work out the upcoming specific actions you will need to take so as to move yourself closer to conclusion, then DO IT…

Now, it is no secret that procrastination causes a great deal of tension and pressure… however, the manner by which we ease this pressure is the point where the key comes in.

The trick for avoiding procrastination, to the idea would be to work out the physical action–no matter you have to take to move something make it a job, a telephone call, a job, or anything else.

Want to understand how to quit procrastinating? Find out how to change your attention. Shifting your focus your thoughts perceives as the difference which makes a difference is made by do-able. Allow Me to clarify:

Consider something you have been working on. Concentrate on it makes you FEEL about how you’ve got to do this presentation; you think. Think about all of the work involved. Sucks, right? Overwhelmed?

Change your FOCUS you can do to move this demonstration the tiniest bit nearer to ‘done.’ You have to google some pictures to add in the demonstration. That is do-able, correct?

Ensure you are NEXT ACTION. Do it.

The reason for the Next Action process is straightforward: when you do something that your brain perceives as do-able, your energy will appear, your perception of drive and direction increases dramatically; and you are going to have the ability to motivate yourself to get everything you will need to get done–DONE!

  1. Fix Your Environment

You do not keep booze in the home if you are an alcoholic and you steer clear of individuals and pubs who cannot respect your choice.

In similar vein, my suggestion would be to eliminate the cues that activate you.

Then find a spot to sit if you cannot work in areas due to the movement and sound and focus.

For me to have the ability to prevent procrastinating and concentrate on what I have decided to concentrate on, I want to eliminate every potential diversion from my work environment–both physical and electronic…

I was able to change my iPhone into ‘Don’t Disturb’ while I worked, and place it in my desk, but the desire directed me towards procrastination’s route than the route of productivity.

I choose my iPhone, place it on ‘Don’t Disturb’, then put it in a drawer which requires me to get up so as to test it… This keeps me focused. Alarms and my alarms are disabled on all of my computers.

Basically, I Want to un-plug until I will plug-in and concentrate.

Select what works best for you if you wish to prevent procrastination and ensure your activity!

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