How do MMS get leaked? Often we all see through social media that today the MMS of a particular person has been leaked. People also share such content extensively. If you think of MMS as just video, then it is not so. Actually, there are many types of MMS and it includes video, short GIF, audio clip, picture, slide show etc. That means any clip of these types is called MMS. Leaking of MMS in social domain sometimes even forces people to commit suicide. Today we will tell you how MMS are leaked and how you can avoid them.

How do MMS get leaked?

  • One of the main reasons for MMS leaking is revenge. In fact, it is often seen in couples that when they are together, they capture their private moments in the room. But as soon as there is distance or fight between them, the partner shares MMS on social media or sometimes threatens to take revenge. In such a situation, always keep in mind that whenever you meet with your partner, definitely check whether any hidden camera is installed in the room. If both of you are recording any moment against your wish, then delete it after watching so that your safety remains maintained in this digital age.
  • One of the reasons for MMS leakage is when you do not keep security on your mobile phone and hand it over to any other person. In such a situation, the other person can take advantage of your personal information wrongly or store it for future.
  • Whenever you send your smartphone for repair in the market, delete your personal moments or get the gadget repaired manually in front of your eyes so that no one misuses the data. Make sure to put security on your phone.
  • MMS are also leaked through hacking. Although hackers steal data only for money, but sometimes they target people even after getting personal information in MMS or phone. To avoid this, never keep third party apps in your phone and do not click on any unknown link.
  • At present, there is a lot of discussion about AI in the market and apart from the positive side, AI is also being used in wrong ways. With the help of Artificial Intelligence and Deepfakes, the videos, photos and audios posted by you on social media are falsely put forward. The government and the police have also warned people many times in this regard not to upload their personal moments on social media.

How can you escape?

  • The best and easiest way to avoid MMS leaking is to keep your personal life private and never capture it in a room. Even if you are capturing something in the room, then keep it so secure that no one except you can access it.
  • If possible, delete your personal moments after some time and do not share such information with anyone even by mistake. Avoid all this especially in group chatting.
  • Do not share private photos with your partner through social media because it is also misused these days.

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