What is Deepfake? Misuse of Artificial Intelligence has started increasing. People are taking advantage of AI and targeting common people. Recently you must have seen a fake video of Indian actress Rashmika Mandanna through social media in which the help of Deepfake technology was taken. With the help of this technology, a scammer has defrauded a person from Kerala of Rs 40,000. Actually, what happened was that Radhakrishnan, who had worked in Coal India, received a message on WhatsApp. After this, the person in front made a video call and cheated his sister of Rs 40,000 by pretending to be ill.

What is Deepfake?

In this entire incident, the scammer cheated money with the help of deepfake technology. For those who do not know what deepfake is, in fact, it is a kind of synthetic media in which with the help of AI tools, someone else’s photo or video is superimposed on someone else’s photo or video and the person looks exactly like the same person. To give an example, consider it as if someone has put your photo on your friend’s photo or video and then further used it to defraud someone else you know.

This is how the fraud was carried out

The scammer sent some messages to Radhakrishnan on WhatsApp by impersonating him as Venu Kumar. Actually, Venu Kumar was an old friend of Radhakrishnan who earlier worked in Coal India. The scammer stole Venu Kumar’s photo and family picture from somewhere and sent it to Radhakrishnan so that he would think that he is really his friend. After this, the scammer also made a video call with the help of deepfake, in which the scammer looked like Radhakrishnan like Venu Kumar. Then, by pretending to be his sister’s illness, the scammer trapped Radhakrishnan in his words and stole Rs 40,000. Radhakrishnan became suspicious when the scammer again asked him to transfer Rs 35,000. Radhakrishnan then called his friend Venu Kumar on his old number from where he came to know that Venu had not received any call or SMS.

As soon as he became suspicious, Radhakrishnan lodged a complaint at the police station. After about 4 months of investigation, the police has arrested one of the alleged criminals, Sheikh Murtuzamia Hayat Bhai, from Mehsana, Gujarat. However, the mastermind of the scam, Kaushal Shah of Ahmedabad is still absconding.
Police said that Shah trapped Radhakrishnan with the help of deepfake and then deposited the money in a gambling firm so that the police would think that he had earned it from here.

Don’t make this mistake

Always take any action only after verifying the information. If someone is claiming to be yours, then first ask him all the information so that you can be sure that he is yours. Whenever it comes to money, always use double verification and then do not take any action. Stay away from unknown messages coming on social media and do not even answer calls.

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