Bigg Boss 17: The fourth week of Salman Khan’s controversial show ‘Bigg Boss 17’ has started. Many fights have been seen in the show so far. While in the beginning there was friendship between Khanzadi and Manara Chopra, now enmity has also started between the two. In the last episode, a fierce fight was seen between Khanzadi and Manara.

Then Manara commented on Khanjadi
Actually, Manara had made a comment regarding Khanzadi. The actress had said that Khanzadi should not accuse Abhishek of molestation in future. After this there was a lot of dispute between the two. However, Munawwar explained to Manara that what he had said was very wrong and he should apologize. But Khanzadi angrily did not accept Manara’s apology.

Users came out in support of Khanzadi
Now the reaction to this fight has also been seen on social media, in which users have not only tagged Manara as Nepo Kid but have also vented their anger on Salman Khan. One user commented and wrote – “The way Salman Khan ignored the Khanjadi of Manara is showing nepotism.” Another user wrote – “Here it was the complete fault of Salman Khan’s darling Manara, but the question was asked about Khanzadi.”

Let us tell you that Manara Chopra is the cousin of Bollywood actresses Priyanka Chopra and Parineeti Chopra. Same, in Friday’s attack, Salman ignored Manara’s words and attacked Khanzadi. It seems that the users did not like this thing about Salman.

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