With changing times, the trend of smart gadgets is increasing rapidly. With the help of smart gadgets, you can enjoy a convenient lifestyle. These gadgets not only save your time, money and electricity but also enhance your experience. There are different types of smart gadgets available in the market and you can buy fans, security cameras, voice command devices and many other smart gadgets. The advantage of smart gadgets is that you can connect them with your phone or iPad and then you can control lightning, fans, even security cameras from one room to another.

In this article, we are going to tell you about some smart gadgets that you can buy for your home in this festival season. If you do not know what smart home devices are, then actually, these are such devices which you can control through your voice and smartphone. These devices can be connected with Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri and Google Assistant and you can operate them from anywhere.

These are some of the best smart home gadgets

1- Smart Display

Amazon Echo Show 10

MRP- Rs 24,999

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Amazon Echo Show In 10 you get a 10.1 inch HD screen. In this device you can enjoy Amazon Prime, Netflix and other OTT apps. For a great audio experience, it has been provided with 10 watt speakers. For video calls, this device has a 13MP camera with zooming capability. You can also connect Amazon Echo Show 10 to the Alexa app.

Due to the 13MP camera in the front, you can also use this device for home security and keep an eye on your home anytime through mobile.

2- Smart Speaker

Google Home Mini

MRP- Rs 4,999

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google home mini Through the device, you can access Google search, maps and other services through your voice. You can do any query like news update, cricket score etc. by giving commands in this device. After setting it up, you can also control your home’s lighting, fan etc. through voice. Through Google Home Mini, you can also enjoy hands-free music and TV shows.

Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen)

MRP: Rs 5,499

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If you want Alexa built smart speaker then you Amazon Echo Dot 4th Generation Can buy. In this you get multi functional LED display in which you get support of time, temperature and timer. Amen Echo Dot has four sensitive microphones with the help of which it can easily hear your voice from anywhere in the room. These devices easily connect with your smart home devices and you can operate them all through it. You also get a ‘Microphone Off’ button in Amazon Echo Dot and you can also delete your recording so that there will be no disturbance to your privacy.

3- Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P

MRP: Rs 29,999

Discounted Price: Rs 21,999

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Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a smart robot vacuum cleaner that comes with 2-in-1 sweeping and mopping, a DS laser navigation system and other latest features to ensure optimal cleaning of your home with minimum intervention. With its 2-in-1 sweeping and mopping function, Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P can sweep and mop your floors at the same time, saving you time and making cleaning quicker.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner The DS Laser Navigation System available in 2019 maps your home and plans the cleaning route accordingly so that every corner of the house is spotlessly clean. The robot is also equipped with a variety of high-precision sensors, including anti-drop and anti-collision sensors, to avoid obstacles and falls.

Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P has a 3200 mAh battery that gives a run time of up to 120 minutes. Once the battery gets low the robot automatically returns to its charging base. You can schedule and track this cleaner through the Mi app.

4-Smart Door Lock

Valencia Hola Smart Door Lock

MRP: Rs 21999

Discounted Price: Rs 7,990

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To increase the safety of your home, you Valencia Hola Smart Door Lock Can buy. This lock gives you a variety of options including fingerprint, PIN code and RFID card, from which you can choose the most convenient option. The fingerprint sensor of this lock uses one-touch direct fingerprint identification to unlock your door quickly and accurately. You can also unlock your door with a simple tap of the RFID card. The lock also supports opening with different PIN codes including timed PIN code and one time use guest PIN code making the experience accessible.

For additional security, it also supports double authentication. This means that you have to unlock the door in two ways. Like one pincode and other fingerprint etc. This maintains the safety of your home. The Valencia Hola Smart Door Lock also has several other features, including a back cover for added security, a double security lock, a mechanical key for emergency access, an emergency power USB port, and a registration button for easy setup.

5-Smart Bulb

Philips 10 Watts 929001257315 Smart Bulb

MRP: Rs 3,000

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If you are looking for a smart home gadget for your bedroom then you Philips 10 Watts 929001257315 Smart Bulb You can change your lighting with. This advanced smart bulb offers both white and colored lighting options, boasting a wide spectrum of 16 million colors to create the perfect ambiance in your space. Whether you want to set a soothing mood or energize the room, this bulb can change the lighting according to your mood.

You can easily control your lights remotely using the ‘Philips Hue app’ even when you are away from home. Set a timer for your lights to come on at specific times to ensure you always return to a well-lit area. Philips 10 Watts 929001257315 Smart Bulb Integrates seamlessly with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Home, allowing intuitive control with your voice.

6- Video Door Bell

CP PLUS 7 inch Video Intercom Kit

MRP: Rs 18,100

Discounted Price: Rs 5,115

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CP PLUS 7 inch Video Intercom Kit With this you can increase the security of your home. With video intercom functionality, you can easily open doors, make voice calls and even talk to guests over video calls. It also has a feature to increase the volume, which helps in clear communication.

A notable feature of this device is that it has in-built memory, which can store 200 snapshots. This allows you to review and monitor visitor activity. Additionally, the system supports Digital Wide Dynamic Range (DWDR), which ensures high quality videos even in low light.

7- Smart Alarm Siren

HomeMate WiFi Smart Alarm Siren

MRP: Rs 5,990

Discounted Price: Rs 2,599

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For home security HomeMate WiFi Smart Alarm Siren Also a good device. You can operate it through the HomeMate Smart app. This smart alarm siren is equipped with a temperature and humidity sensor, which allows you to pre-set alarm limits. Even without a network connection, it triggers an alarm if these limits are exceeded, increasing the security of your home. Voice control is at your fingertips as the device is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant providing hands-free convenience. Group sharing ensures that your entire family stays connected and safe.

HomeMate WiFi Smart Alarm Siren device offers 8 hours of battery backup option for continuous AC adapter connection and uninterrupted functionality ensuring no lapse in security.

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