Courier scam is going on a lot in the market these days. The latest case is from Bengaluru where a 66 year old man got trapped in a courier scam and gave away more than Rs 1 crore of his money to fraudsters. Actually, the thugs posed as law enforcement officers and trapped the elderly man. The fraudsters call people and tell them that their parcel has been stopped by the police because banned goods have been found in it. After this, to hush up the matter, the swindlers ask people to transfer all the money to one account through a link.

This is how the swindlers made the elderly their victim 

Actually, Debashish Das, a resident of Bengaluru, received a call from a person named Karthikeya who claimed to be an employee of the famous courier firm, FedEx. Karthikeya alleged that a case has been registered against Das in Mumbai in which he has been accused of sending illegal items including 5 expired passports, 6 credit cards and 950 grams of banned substance MDMA to Taiwan. >According to the Indian Express report, to give credibility to their plan, the fraudsters directed Das to connect with an Andheri police officer through a Skype call. As soon as the elder opened the link, he found himself in a video call with an impersonator introducing himself as ‘Pradeep Sawant’ of the Mumbai Cyber ​​Crime Branch police. The police informed Das about alleged fake bank accounts being opened in his name for money laundering and said that if he wanted to clear his name from the case, he would have to give details of all the bank accounts to the Deputy Commissioner of Police. p>

After this, the police officer disguised as a thug asked Das to close all his bank accounts and transfer all the money to one account. Trusting the police officer, the 66-year-old man transferred Rs 1.52 crore from his State Bank of India account to a Punjab National Bank account through RTGS. As soon as the old man transferred the money, the thugs ended all communication and ran away. 

Don’t make such a mistake 

  • The most important thing is that if you have ordered any kind of item or sent it somewhere, then do not share its details with anyone. If someone claims to be a courier officer in a call or SMS, then you should go to the office and understand the whole matter. That is, do not take any action on the phone.
  • If someone keeps asking you about payment on the call, then understand that the caller is a fraudster.
  • Never forget your Do not share personal details with anyone under any circumstances. 
  • If you receive such calls or SMS from an unknown number, then definitely block and report them. 
  • Raise voice against such incidents through social media so that everyone can know about it and people can save their money from fraudsters.

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Do this work before giving the phone to the service center, ignoring it may prove costly.


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